Readiness Checklist - Growers

Readiness Checklist - Growers

Do you know what the EUDR is and how it applies to your business?

Can you trace to the plantation, estate, or smallholder farm?

  • Start checking risk using Plot Check
  • We can match smallholder and dealer points to the smallest jurisdiction (e.g., desa) 
  • We can help you clean your data

Do you know if your supply chain has EUDR Deforestation Risks?

  • We have almost 800 expert-reviewed deforestation risk insight reports which have been produced monthly. 
  • Using our extensive plot database, we can estimate which plots mills in your supply chain likely source from.
  • Our jurisdictional monitoring system can tell you which jurisdictions down to the village level have low or high deforestation risk. 
  • Our plot matching service, can turn match your plot points to our plot database, so you can analyze deforestation down to the plantation-level
  • Our plot check tool can analyze your plots for remaining forest and EUDR non-compliant deforestation risk

Have you assessed your legality risks?

  • We maintain a comprehensive grievance and news story database with monthly updates 
  • We identify potentially illegal plots operating inside the forest zone or overlapping with protected areas and indigenous territories 

Do you know which plots and mills have the high and low EUDR risks?

  • We can analyze your supplier’s mills and plots using the JRC 2020 Forest Map. Any plots or mill areas with no forest detected will be labeled “low risk”. Areas with 
  • maintains a comprehensive database of traders, major producers, and ingredient manufacturers in the palm oil value chain. We can give you timely and objective insights into EUDR deforestation and legality risks currently affecting your suppliers. This will help you and engage your suppliers before EUDR compliance is required.

We can help you prepare. Learn more about our EUDR Prep Service