Readiness Checklist - Oleochemical Manufacturer

Readiness Checklist - Oleochemical Manufacturer

Do you know what the EUDR is and how it applies to your business?

How well is your supply chain mapped?

  • Can you trace to the plantation, estate, or smallholder farm?
    • Start checking risk using Plot Check
    • We can match smallholder and dealer points to the smallest jurisdiction (e.g., desa) 
    • We can help you clean your data
  • Or can you trace to mills?

Have you assessed your legality risks?

  • We maintain a comprehensive grievance and news story database with monthly updates 
  • We identify potentially illegal plots operating inside the forest zone or overlapping with protected areas and indigenous territories

Do you know which suppliers have the lowest and highest risks?

  • Do you know which refineries and crushers supply your facilities?
    • We analyze the supplying mills to hundreds of refineries and crushers, so you can identify facilities that present EUDR compliance challenges

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