EUDR Prep Service EUDR Prep Service

Everything you need to prepare for the deforestation monitoring requirements of EUDR compliance.

We help you build a checklist

We can go through our checklist step-by-step and help you prepare. If you haven’t already, please check our readiness checklists.

We help you prepare your traceability data

With our Plot Matching Service, we can help you join points (lat/lon) or address locations to our database of plot polygons and smallholder areas. Read more here.

If you don’t have plot data yet, we can advise you on how to get started, and help you build an initial database from our Plot data. Read about how we trace our plots to your mills here.

We help you prepare a risk assessment

We can help you assess EUDR deforestation and legality risks related to suppliers. We can analyze your mill list to identify low and high risk mills and supplying plots. We can also tell you about any outstanding grievances such as human rights violations, labor and land disputes, and corruption allegations.

Our Risk Insight reports will give you evidence of potential EUDR violations, so you can begin engaging your suppliers before the law is enforced in 2025. Learn more here.

Early Access to our EUDR Non-compliance Database

The EUDR’s definition of forest adds the step of verifying conversion to agricultural use. We are piloting techniques for verifying conversion to agricultural use and planted palm in our reports. Prep Service subscribers get early access to to our database, including any reports linked to your supply chain. Your feedback will also help guide our development of this data throughout 2024.

Provide training & workshops 

In addition to our public webinars, we will be offering in-depth workshops exclusively to our EUDR Prep subscribers. This helps us incorporate your feedback into the development of our automated compliance system, keeps you informed on the latest EUDR developments, so you will be prepared for EUDR enforcement.

Contact us to discuss your Risk Assessment needs